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The benefits of eating microgreens  40 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN THEIR REGULAR ADULT VEGETABLES - web MD.

The greatest enzyme activity is from germination up to 7 days and is 100 times greater than the enzyme content of fruits or vegetables which helps to replenish our own body’s reserve of enzymes.

Its carbohydrates become easier to assimilate as the starches are changed to simple sugars.

Its fats are changed to fatty acids which are an easily digested soluble compound.

Its complex protein is converted into simple amino acids, which essentially means that it is “predigested”.

Vitamin production is increased three to twelve times more.

Minerals are chelated, a natural state where they are chemically bonded to amino acids and easily assimilated by the body.

It has delicate cell walls so it can release nourishment easily.

It contains photo-chemical, which are plant compounds that protect against disease.

It contains highly active antioxidants that prevent DNA destruction and the effects of aging.

It contains both increased fiber (up to 300%) and water.

So, when you hear the statement “It’s not the food in your life, it’s the life in your food”, you can think of microgreens. It is essentially a baby plant which is bursting forth with new life. The concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, RNA & DNA is greater than at any other point in that plant’s development.

There are a variety of microgreens to choose from, each offering different benefits and tastes. Here’s a great line up with which to become familiar.

Sunflower — 3,000 years old and named after its golden rayed flower, which are reminiscent of the sun, it is a rich source of protein (up to 30%), lecithin, and Vitamin D (rarely found in vegetables). It is high in trace minerals which make it beneficial for bones, muscle and tissue tone and healthy red blood corpuscles.

Sweet Pea — It is rich in protease inhibitors that prevent certain viruses and chemicals that promote cancer, and it is useful in reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood.

Bok Choi  greens rich in antioxidants,Vitamin A,K, E 

Brussels spouts- rich in micro minerals/nutrients needed for your body and rich in anti oxidants !!

Clover — It is known as a blood purifier, it is high in calcium content which relaxes the central nervous system. It contains plant estrogens which balance hormones and it also contains isoflavones, which are anti cancerous.

Broccoli — It contains sulfophane which protects cells from becoming malignant. It occurs 10-100 times greater in sprouts than in broccoli as a vegetable. It also causes the body to release glutathiones, a natural body enzyme, which neutralize or detoxify carcinogens, before they damage the DNA.

Radish —It is an expectorant which clears mucous from the respiratory tract, expels worms and benefits the intestinal flora.

Mung, Lentil. & Adzuki — They contain soluble fiber and help lower cholesterol by clearing out dangerous LDL cholesterol in the blood. They also help regulate insulin and thus blood sugar.

Fenugreek — It is soothing to mucous membranes which also is cleansing and nourishing to the digestive system, reduces inflammation and contains chorine (a fat controller) which helps with weight loss.

Some other great secondary sources of nutrition include alfalfa, mustard, garlic, cabbage and onion. 

Combining all of the components listed above make this the most nutritious way of eating on the planet. It provides our body with all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


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