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Pre Orders welcome !!!

BlooMont farm is an urban farm located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. We produce the freshest and all-natural microgreens that you could ever find in the local market. Featured here are crisp microgreen shoots 

You call us for your orders during winter months !  

Place your order on any Thursday or Friday for your pick up on Saturday or Sunday the following week !

We will specially grow your order as per your request ! 

C‚Äčall us at 973-932-4860 to order your greens  on ANY Thursdays  and you can pick them up the following week !

Will deliver them if there is a minimum order of 3 flats. 

All flats @ 5 each 

 Text us your order in advance and we will keep the greens ready for you ! 

Mold or not ?

About Us

This Spring 

Power Juices are on. 

Green Goblin ( Kale, Broccoli & micro carrot greens )

Red Rooster ( Red radish micros, beets & red cabbage micros )

Power Rangers ( broccoli, kale, red cabbage, basil micros ) 

A 6 day supply all in one pack !

$ 15.00 per pack 

Just uncap and add to your juice concoctions for power up's and more nutrition !